Installation of integral and remote refrigeration cases – work carried out to the highest standard of quality assured.

Service / Repair

Reactive service works carried out to resolve any case fabrication work you require. The areas of work we cover are listed below.


From night blinds and motors to Perspex dividers and wire screens – all types of refurbishment works undertaken.


Product storage and display changes to suit your needs along with additions or reductions to existing floor plans.

Spare Parts

Our years of experience and contacts throughout the industry make us able to find even the most obscure part.



There are several types of coldroom available and our skilled operatives have multiple years experience in this field. All sites are surveyed to ensure that works required do not come across any potential issues such as power supply or uneven flooring.

Service / Repair

Reactive service carried out to resolve any coldroom issues you may have from a door handle, door gasket (seal), insulated curtains to flooring issues. We deal with these efficiently and effectively and are happy to carry out any modifications you require so that your needs are met.


From checker plate flooring to insulated curtains to handles we carry out any type of coldroom fabrication work that is required.

Spare Parts

Our years of experience and contacts throughout the industry make us able to find even the most obscure part, we specialise in finding parts that no other can. We can source any coldroom part you may require.

Removal / Transport and Safe Disposal

Any refrigerated cabinet carcass is classed as Hazardous Waste under Environment Agency Law and as such, removal, transport and disposal of these items is a highly controlled process. You are responsible as the source/producer of the waste to ensure that you have appointed an appropriate contractor to carry out the disposal. Failure to comply with the rules can result in large fines and possible imprisonment. Quantum Manpower Services Ltd is qualified and certified to carry out all aspects of disposal.


Quantum specialises in planned preventative maintenance (PPM) within the refrigeration industry carrying out the cleaning of shop-floor cases, back-up freezers, chiller coldrooms and condenser cleans. Below are more detailed examples of these types of work.

Shop Floor Case Clean

All cases are emptied and stripped down with each individual part (including shelving), base plates, grills and honeycombs being cleaned. All drainage is cleared of any blockages. The cleaning is carried out with a high-pressure jet washer and food-safe detergent to the highest and safest of standards.

Back up Chiller and Freezer Coldrooms

The coldrooms are cleaned with our specialist food-safe steam cleaning equipment and detergent. All walls, ceilings, floors and doors are steam cleaned and then cleared of moisture thus ensuring that the works are carried out to the highest possible standards.

Condenser Cleans

All condensers get dirty and clogged up due to the nature of the way they operate. Our experienced operatives carry out a planned clean of the fins and expertly repair any bent or damaged fins to maximise the full working capacity of the unit.

General Maintenance

Quantum Manpower Services covers all general store maintenance including gutter clearances, signage works, car park marking & ticket stripping etc.