Close Protection Overseas and UK

Irrespective of profile, location and level of risk, we maintain the highest level of professionalism. Wherever your business may take you, the Quantum Manpower Services team will provide expert service based on years of experience.

Our team originates from military Special Forces, government agencies and corporate sector specialists. Our close protection personnel are trained to operate in both public and private environments at the highest level of discretion and integrity. As part of our close protection service, Quantum Manpower Services operates a comprehensive site location, residential and advanced protection package. We understand the need to accommodate for the lifestyle and comfort of each principle it protects. The daily demands of clients can be detailed and difficult, but our goal is to provide a seamless and integrated program.


All our medics come from a military background and hold advanced first responder qualifications. They specialise in remote prolonged trauma care. Quantum Manpower Services equips and supplies all its medics with full trauma kits and all the medical supplies that they will need to provide the best medical care possible. Included in this, Quantum Manpower Services will supply a full & detailed medical evacuation plan irrespective of the country or remoteness of the location.

Quantum Manpower Services 4-Step Package

Training for employees visiting and working in remote or hostile environments

  • We will provide a short but detailed country specific training package to give a better understanding of all the do’s and don’ts and the resources which will be made available

Risk assessment and reconnaissance

  • Prior to the client visiting or commencing work in a specific country, one of our operatives will carry out a risk assessment and any necessary reconnaissance. This will provide us with the necessary information to be able to deliver any future requirements.

Close protection packages

  • As stated in our introduction, we will tailor the package to the individual needs of the client and deliver an effective solution at the best possible price using only ex-Special Forces operatives who have the necessary skill sets for the particular country or environment.

Recovery of assets and personnel

  • When the worst happens, irrespective of whether it’s a loss of a piece of equipment, a laptop or in the most extreme circumstances, an employee, Quantum Manpower Services will ensure that the necessary package is in place to carry out a retrieval or rescue.